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The high cost of marketing and advertisement has given rise to the adoption of sms technology which has reduced the cost and also emanated a wider coverage in the shortest possible.
Bulk sms can be used in so many ways so as to reduce cost and increase coverage. It can be used in churches to invite people for programmes, it can be used for wedding invitations, it can also be used in business to increase sales, it can be used in hospitals to keep the patients abreast of their health conditions, it is used in bank to send alerts, it is used by infopreneurs to sell their services etc.
As you can see, the advantages and features of bulk sms are enormous. So take this opportunity now!

You can send bulk sms via our premium sms gateway to mobile phones on both GSM and CDMA networks like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, STARCOMMS, VISAFONE, MULTI-LINKS and globally at an affordable rate.

N/B:  Pls always check your spam or junk mail folder if you don't receive your activation email.(for new users) 

Dear Customers

Please be informed that MTN has implemented the "DO NOT DISTURB"(DND) service for some of her subscribers. Any number subscribed to this service will not receive bulk sms messages. To check your status, text "STATUS" to "2442". To unsubscribe, Text "ALLOW" to "2442"


Dear Customers,

The Central Bank of Nigeria has recently introduced a N50.00 stamp duty charge for electronic transfers and teller deposits from N1,000 and above on current accounts.This means that every deposit received in our  account for ur transactions do not carry the actual value. With effect from April 5th, 2016 every deposit into our account will be subject to a stamp duty charge of N50.



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·         Automatic removal of repeated numbers to save your credit.

·         Automatic removal of invalid recipient numbers to save credit.

·         Easy User Interface to help you send customized SMS quickly.

·         Request for SMS alerts for job vacancies, football matches, breaking news etc.

·         Create SMS phone book and group type or upload your addresses to phone book from different file types.

·         Resell bulk SMS from your website with our reseller option view all sent SMS (outbox).

·         Check your remaining SMS credit at a glance from your phone.

·         Automatic formatting of your phone numbers.



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